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September 5 Extemp Questions

September 5 Extemp Questions


Immigration — Resources 

Should Sessions have rescinded DACA?

-Generally, should the US increase or decrease immigration?
-Does immigration help or hurt the economy?
-Does immigration help or hurt the environment?
-Should the US accept more refugees into the US?
-Should the US accept more high skilled workers?
-Is Trump’s travel ban desirable? Is it legal?
-Should immigrants already illegally in the country be granted a “path to citizenship” in exchange for stronger border enforcement?

Should immigrants be eligible for social services, particularly health care?

Tax Reform

Should Congress lower tax rates?

Debt Ceiling

Should Congress raise the debt ceiling?

Looming debt ceiling crisis explained in plain English

How a debt ceiling crisis could unfold 

How the debt ceiling could put government spending on diet 

Health Care — Resources 

Should the US establish a single payer system?
How can costs be lowered?
Should Obamacare be repealed?
Should a public option be established?

Foreign —

Korea — Resources

-Will North Korea attack the US?
-Will North Korea attack South Korea?
-Should the US attack Attack North Korea?
-Can the US lean on China to resolve the Korea dispute?
-Will sanctions resolve the Korea crisis?
-Should South Korea accept THAAD deployment?
-Will missile defense protect us from North Korea?

Should the US terminate the free trade agreement with South Korea?

China — Resources 

Is China a threat to the South China Sea?
Is China a threat to the US?

Russia — Resources 

Is Russia a threat to the US?
Is Russia a threat to Eastern Europe?