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Speaking and Debating About China

Speaking and Debating About China


The US is the world’s number one economy. China is the second largest power.

The US is the world’s leading global power.   China is number two.

With a population of nearly three times that of the US and high growth rates (which is normal for a developing economy), China is expected to surpass the US economically.

Although China is not expected to surpass the US militarily, its weapons modernization programs, developing navy, and 2+ million person army present formidable challenges to the US. And, of course, the trick is managing thse challenges while taking advantages of all of the opportunities a growing China provides to the US (high levels of investment, a massive consumer market, and hundreds of thousands of students).

Issues in China-US Relations

Currently, there are a few dominant issues in China-US relations.

*Korea. The most significant issue in China-US relations at the moment is the question of how to pressure North Korea to denuclearize, or at least to pull back from the brink of conflict. Initially, President Trump place a lot of hope on the ability of China to resolve the dispute with the North, as China is Korea’s number one trading partner. When China appeared not to do so – North Korea has tested two ICBMs and a nuclear weapon since then (plus other weapons) – Trump lashed out at China, threatening to cut-off trade.

One set of questions you need to be p

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