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Speaking And Debating About Immigration

Speaking And Debating About Immigration

Immigration is a very controversial issue in the US.

Historically, the US has welcome immigrants and was arguably built by immigrants.  On the whole, Democrats are more welcoming toward immigrants and to providing social services to support immigrants.

Others, however, feel that immigrants “take our jobs” and require too much social spending.  Some argue that they undermine “cultural cohesion.”  Republicans are less welcoming towards immigrants and support more immigration restrictions.

While these are the two basic sides, there are many different questions that you need to be prepared to Speak and Debate about when tackling immigration issues –

-Generally, should the US increase or decrease immigration?
-Does immigration help or hurt the economy?
-Does immigration help or hurt the environment?
-Should the US accept more refugees into the US?
-Should the US accept more high skilled workers?
-Is Trump’s travel ban desirable? Is it legal?
-Should immigrants already illegally in the country be granted a “path to citizenship” in exchange for stronger border enforcement?

Should immigrants be eligible for social

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