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Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?

Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?


AI at the Guardian


What is AI? 

Benefits and risks of artificial intelligence 

The Question for AI: History of an idea and achievements 

Musk’s billion dollar crusade to stop the AI apocalypse¬†

Artificial intelligence: The next frontier? 

The AI Debates: Challenges and Opportunities 

Return of the machinery question 

AI: Definitions, Trends, and Techniques 

AI will drive the insights revolution 

Putin says the country that leads AI will rule the world 

AI and Life in 2030 

History of AI

US Policy

US Government updates its artificial intelligence policy 


China wants to build a $150 billion AI industry 

How China is preparing for an AI powered future 

China is using the US plan to dominate in artificial intelligence

China is planning to use AI to gain global economic dominance 

China sets out road map to dominate AI by 2020 

China aims to be global AI Frontrunner 

Is China outsmarting America in AI? 

Super Robot Wars: China wants to wrestle AI dominance from the US 

China is pushing AI, rail gun, and technological dominance 

China may match or beat America in AI 


The business of artificial intelligence


The Ethics of AI 


3 Questions: Artificial intelligence and the military

For superpowers, artificial intelligence fuels new global arms race 

China quest for an AI Revolution in Warfare 


Data swamped intelligence agencies put hope on AI


Elon Musk — Artificial intelligence will cause World War III

Real Threat of Artificial Intelligence 


Nudging A: Innovative Solutions to Regulating AI 

How to regulate artificial intelligence 

AI: The Way Forward for Policy and Regulation 

Musk: Government must regulate AI 

How to regulate dangerous AI 

Ghosts in the Machine: AI and Regulation 

Should AI be regulated? 

We need to pass AI laws early and often 

Musk clarifies that AI regulation should follow observation and insight 

Can AI be regulated? 

AI regulation: Understanding the real dangers 

Ethics, regulation, and the new AI  (gated)

The role to AI regulation will be a long one 

Regulatory considerations for AI 

AI: Robot Rights and Regulation 

AI: Research, Development, and Regulation 

Why Scientists want AI regulated before it’s too late¬†

AI Regulation? Yes but by whom? 

The future of AI regulation (audio) 


Research priorities for robust AI 

Government Reports

Preparing for the future of AI 

Artificial intelligence, automation, and the economy 


Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence