Extemp Foreign Policy (May 2019)


Iran is scaring its friends, too (2019)

Who wins when Iran-US tensions rise? China (5-17-19)

What’s Trump’s Iran plan? Nobody knows (5-16-19)

Trump’s counter-Iran moves are provocative, but they are not war (5-17-19)

America must not stumble into a third Gulf war (5-15-19)

How Donald Trump may push America into war with Iran (5-15-19)

Is Bolton’s war with Iran really becoming a hot one? (5-14-19)

Bolton in Wonderland (5-14-19)

Trump’s hired hands want a war with Iran (5-14-19)

Iran and US mobilizations could lead to conflict (5-9-19)

Iranians will tolerate hardship but not capitulation (2019)

John Bolton’s Middle East War plans (5-9-19)

Trump’s Iran policy is making war more likely (5-8-19)

Echos of Iraq in Trump’s confrontation with Iran (5-8-19)

Trump’s Iran policy is becoming more dangerous (5-7-19)

Iran sends a threat and Europe scrambles (5-8-19)

Diplomacy is the best way forward with Iran (5-6-19)

Trump’s Iran strategy lacks a regional outlook (5-6-19)

The art of a new Iran deal (5-9-19)

Rouhani’s warning to Trump (5-8-19)

Iran just said it won’t comply with parts of the landmark nuclear deal (5-8-19)

Trump’s dangerous obsession with Iran (18)


How a political tug of war between Russia and the US could ruin Venezuela (2019)

Military force will not achieve US force in Venezuela (5-17-19)

Should America go to war in Venezuela? Let’s study the time the US invaded Cuba (5-7-19)

What’s next for US Venezuela Policy? (5-7-19)

Is Venezuela a Dictatorship? (2019)


It’s time to end the longest war in US history (5-7-19)

America cannot save Afghanistan (5-6-19)

A world safe for capital: How neoliberalism shaped the international system (5-7-19)

North Korea

Why is North Korea testing missiles again? (2019)

A US invasion of North Korea would be like opening the gates of hell  (2019)

On North Korea, a return to Fire and Fury is not worth the risks (5-6-19)

250,000 dead: What North Korea’s artillery could do (5-9-19)


A trade policy for all (5-7-19)

Trump’s trade wars killing jobs or saving them? (2019)

Trade — China

US-China trade conflict: Beyond the Tariff Debates (2019)

There is no grand bargain with China (2019)

Trump is right to battle China on trade, now comes the hard part (2019)

America needs unity on China (2019)

A trade war with China is inevitable (5-9-19)

China’s trade war isn’t entirely about trade (5-9-19)

Trade is just the opening shot in the wider US-China conflict (19)


Pei Predicts a Cold War Between the US and China (2019)

Belt Road

Belt andRoad Tracker (5-8-19).

China’s Massive Belt and Road Initiative (2019)

Belt and Road 2.0 (4-28-19)

Reports of Belt and Road’s Death Greatly Exaggerated (2019)


Let the Terrorists Win (2019)

Space Force

Is a space force viable? Personnel Problems on the Final Frontier (2019)

Brown v. Board

Trump judicial nominees decline to support Brown (2019)

Brown v. Board didn’t start how you think (2019)

If nominees don’t support Brown, they don’t support the rule of law (2019)


A credit card interest cap could actually jeopardize many Americans (2019)


Targeting the Islamic State, or Why the Military should invest in AI (2019)





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