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Extemp Foreign Policy (May 2019)

New vote puts Trump’s deal of the century on ice (2019)

Why Venezuela’s regime Hasn’t Collapsed (2019)

Most people don’t know what a tarrif is (2019)

Population Control

The cruel truth about population control (2019)


The danger of a $2 trillion infrastructure promise (2019)


The intersectionality wars  (2019)


The Hype Over Hypersonics: The Offense-Defense Balance in Historical Perspective (2019)

Hypersonic Weapons (2019). The advent of hypersonic weapons has been described as a “renaissance” in the field of missilery.Indeed, while the concepts of a supersonic weapon that could be controlled and maneuvered have been studied for decades, translating them into development and production has only now become feasible thanks to recent technological advances. Any country seeking to count hypersonic weapons among its military capabilities can anticipate a number of crucial advantages, all related to an increased degree of uncertainty posed by these weapons to an adversary in the event of a conflict. To start, the velocity with which hypersonic weapons would be able to reach their targets reduces the adversary’s ability to either relocate or respond before the strike occurs. Meanwhile, the weapons’ maneuverability allows them to travel on unpredictable trajectories, making it difficult to track and destroy them before they successfully penetrate advanced air and ballistic missile defenses. Lower signatures and an ability to fly at lower altitudes also compound the challenge of finding, targeting, and intercepting hypersonic vehicles for current missile defense systems like the Ground-Based Interceptor (GBI), Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), and Patriot. The fact that these vehicles can carry either nuclear or conventional warheads adds another element of uncertainty to an already unpredictable threat. In short, hypersonic technologies are changing the game. As Dr. Mike Griffin, DoD’s Under Secretary for Research and Engineering, has noted, “this is not an advantage that we can concede to people who wish to be our adversaries.”….


What reparations for slavery might look like in 2019 (2019)

North Korea

Why Trump Dismissed North Korea’s missile test (2019)

Why is North Korea testing missiles again? (2019)

A US invasion of North Korea would be like opening the gates of hell  (2019)

On North Korea, a return to Fire and Fury is not worth the risks (5-6-19)

250,000 dead: What North Korea’s artillery could do (5-9-19)



Trump is wrong to be tough on China on Trade (2019)

As tariffs rise, the costs to American families increase (2019)

A trade policy for all (5-7-19)

Trump’s trade wars killing jobs or saving them? (2019)

Will today’s trade wars lead to World War III? (2019) The author says Yes

Disentangling from Syria (2019)


China — Belt and Road

Belt and Road is Overhyped (6-5-19)

Demystifying Belt & Road (5-19-19)

Belt andRoad Tracker (5-8-19).

China’s Massive Belt and Road Initiative (2019)

Belt and Road 2.0 (4-28-19)

Reports of Belt and Road’s Death Greatly Exaggerated (2019)

European pragmatism and the Belt and Road Initiative (2019)

Why did Italy embrace the Belt and Road Initiative? (2019)

Catching China by the Belt and Road (2019)

China — Global Power

On China’s expanding Influence in Europe and Asia (2019)

China’s breaking the world economic order (2019)

People’s Republic of the United Nations (2019)

China — South China Sea

China’s most destructive boats return to the South China Sea (2019)

China — Muslims

The history behind China’s Muslims and their persecution (2019)


If breaking up with China is hard for America, making up with Russia may be even more difficult (2019)

The relationship between the US and Russia in the Trump era (2019)

China, Russia, and the US contest the global order (2019)


This is not a Great Power Competition (2019)

America’s Clash of Civilizations runs against CHina’s Cultural of Civilizations (2019)


Let the Terrorists Win (2019)

Space Force

Space Force clears Senate Committee (2019)

Space Force is not dead, but (2019)..

Is a space force viable? Personnel Problems on the Final Frontier (2019)

Navy and Marines grapple with moving to a space force (2019)

Brown v. Board

Trump judicial nominees decline to support Brown (2019)

Brown v. Board didn’t start how you think (2019)

If nominees don’t support Brown, they don’t support the rule of law (2019)

Nuclear Power

Declines in nuclear power may increase fossil fuel use (2019)


How could this cold war with China tech work exactly? (2019)

White House and Commerce Department put China’s tech sector on notice (2019)

Huwei drama is a a break for American tech companies (2019)

Huwei 5G in Europe and beyond (2019)

Are politicians paranoid over 5G technology? (2019)

The 5G fight is bigger than Huwei (2019)

The Huswai Chip Band and China’s technological speed up (2019)

America First will have trouble fighting a tech cold war (2019)

Why fears of a US-China tech cold war are overblown (2019)

The overlooked miitary implications of the 5G Debate (2019)

How the US-China trade war became a conflict over the future of tech (2019)

Fears in the West are misplaced and could backfire in the long run (2019)

Huwai & the US-China supply chain problems (2019)

The promise and peril of 5G (2019).

With increasing frequency, we are hearing about a revolution that is taking place in technological connectivity—one being spearheaded by the development of 5G (fifth generation) networks. But what can 5G do, really? Faster movie downloads and near instantaneous access to information on phones and computers is just the tip of the iceberg. Buoyed by greater bandwidth, faster speeds, and lower latency (the ability to transmit more data, faster, and with a quicker response time), 5G has far-reaching commercial and military applications. But 5G also presents serious national-security concerns that U.S. policymakers need to better understand and address.

The potential commercial implications of 5G are sweeping. They include revolutionized medicine through augmented and virtual reality, networked sensors in constant communication (paving the way for smart cities and smart roads for driverless vehicles), and a universal connection to the Internet of Things. The impact is expected to be nothing short of seismic; according to one market study, by the year 2035 5G-supported technology may generate as much as $12.3 trillion in economic value and help to create 22 million new jobs.


Electoral College

Nevada could become the 15th state to abolish the electoral college (2019)



The terrifying implications of India’s eleciton for other people on the planet (2019)

Modi’s massive mandate, but for what? (2019)


Interest Rates

A credit card interest cap could actually jeopardize many Americans (2019)



Defense Spending

America’s Strategy Resource Mismatch (2019)

What should Congress do with the 2020 defense budget? (2019)

A flat budget will prove fatal for military transformation (2019)


America’s invisible prison population (2019)


Russian election interference

Undermining democracy: Kremlin tools of malign political influence (2019)


Trump’s new Arctic policy has a familiar ring (2019)

Coast Guard to Help Re-Assert US leadership in the Arctic (2019)

Cost Guard claims to manage Russia/China in Arctic (2019)

China’s multifaceted Arctic strategy (2019)

Police Violence

Black people are still suffering from police violence — Is anyone listening?

Minimum Wage

The case for a $15 minimum wage is far from settled (2019)

Right to Be Forgotten

The end of forgetting (2019)

Private vs. Public Schools

Pro Private

Wisconsin private schools more effective than Wisconsin Public School (2019)

School Vouchers


Oklahoma should embrace school vouchers (2019)

Millionaires Tax

Millionaire’s Tax won’t solve Connecticut’s Budget Problems (2019)

Millionaire’s Tax won’t solve Bay state budget shortfall (2019)

Flat Tax


Flat Tax would Simply and Stabilize Lousiana’s tax system (2019)




Internet Taxes


Internet sales taxes hurt small businesses (2019)

Carbon Tax


Conservative case for a carbon tax (2019)


Research brief details many harms of a carbon tax (2019)

Meatless Meat


The rise of meatless meat explained (2019)

Gig Economy

The recession hasn’t ended for Gig Economy workers (2019)

California is cracking down on the gig economy (2019)


Kushner heads to Middle East to promote peace plan (2019)

Far from solving the problem, the Kushner plan will aggravate it (2019)

Kushner’s peace plan, Sailing into Failure (2019)

How Russia found a disinformation have in America (2019)