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Should government subsidize car companies that produce electric vehicles?

Should government subsidize car companies that produce electric vehicles?

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Pro — Government Subsidies Good

Do electric vehicles need subsidies? (2018). Battery electric vehicles¬†(BEVs) are an important pathway for decarbonizing transportation and reducing¬†petroleum¬†dependence. Although one barrier to¬†adoption¬†is the higher¬†purchase¬†price,¬†advocates¬†suggest that¬†fueland maintenance¬†savings¬†can make BEVs economical over time. To assess this empirically, this paper analyzes the five-year¬†Total Cost of Ownership¬†(TCO) for conventional,¬†hybrid, and¬†electric vehicles¬†in 14 U.S.¬†citiesfrom 2011 to 2015. Results show¬†spatial variation¬†due to differences in state and local¬†policies, fuel prices,¬†insurance¬†and maintenance¬†costs,¬†depreciation¬†rates, and¬†vehicle¬†miles traveled. Yet in nearly all¬†cities, the BEV’s higher purchase¬†price¬†and rapid¬†depreciation¬†outweighed its fuel¬†savings. Extensive sensitivity analyses¬†highlight¬†the impact of¬†key parameters¬†and show that both federal and state¬†incentives¬†were necessary for BEVs to be cost competitive.¬†Future¬†BEV cost¬†competitiveness¬†may improve if innovation and scaling lead to significantly reduced BEV purchase prices, but our analysis suggests that it will be challenging for BEVs to achieve unsubsidized cost¬†competitiveness¬†except in the most optimistic¬†scenarios.

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