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August 1 Questions


Should the federal government have reinstate the death penalty?  Resources

Is the death penalty constitutional?
Does the death penalty constitute cruel and unusual punishment?
Are innocent people put to death?
Is the death penalty racist?
Is the death penalty cost effective?
Is the death penalty a good use of court resources?
Does the death penalty undermine US global leadership?

Should a border wall be funded? Resources

Will the border wall reduce the border crisis?
Will the border wall reduce illegal immigration?
Is the border wall racist?
Does the border wall undermine American leadership?
Does diverting funds from the military to build the border wall threaten the military?
Is the diversion of funds from the military constitutional?
Is the border war a threat to the environment?

Should the US strengthen election security? Resources

Does the US need to strengthen its election security?
Is strengthening election security the responsibility of the federal government?
Does election insecurity benefit Republicans?

Should Trump be impeached?  Resources 

Should Democrats in the House impeach Trump, even if the Senate will not?
Is it politically smart for the Democrats to impeach Trump?
What are the policy benefits of impeaching Trump?
What are the policy disadvantages of impeaching Trump? Is Pence better than Trump?
Is it better for Democrats to focus on the 2020 election than impeaching Trump?

Should Big Tech be broken up?  Resources

Should the US apply antitrust law to Big Tech?
Does Big Tech present a threat to democracy?
Is Big Tech a benefit to the consumer?
Do the consumer benefits of Big Tech outweigh the harms of power concentration?
Is the concentration of Big Tech important to US national security? 


Should the US reduce its maximum pressure campaign on Iran? Resources

Should the US reduce its oil sanctions on Iran?
Should the US rejoin the nuclear deal?
Should the US abandon efforts to increase military deployments in the region?

Should the US allow North Korea to keep its nuclear weapons? Resources

Is North Korea a threat to the US?
Is North Korea a threat to South Korea?
Should the US enter into an agreement with North Korea that recognizes its standing as a nuclear power?

How should the US respond to China’s growing military capabilities? Resources

Is China a military threat to Taiwan?
Is China a military threat to the South China Sea?
Should the US increase its arms sales to Taiwan?
Should the US enter into a free trade agreement with Taiwan?
Should the US increase its military deployments in the South China Sea?
other measures should be taken to reduce China’s aggression in the South China Sea?

Should the US reduce its military presence in Afghanistan? Afghanistan

Will a  US withdrawal from Afghanistan produce more instability?
Will a US withdrawal from Afghanistan increase China’s power?
Should the US negotiate with the Taliban?
Can  Pakistan provide necessary assistance to support a US negotiated withdrawal?