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Middle School TOC Questions

Renewable energy

Has the time come for the United States to abandon fossil fuels as a primary source of electricity production?

Problems with the status quo

Climate change resources 

Oil dependence resources

Should the United States increase its use of nuclear power?


What steps should the U.S. pursue in its efforts to combat climate change?

Nuclear Power bibliography 

Wind bibliography

Are renewable energy sources the best way to ensure energy security for the future of the United States?

Wind bibliography  Solar panels bibliography

Is the “Green New Deal” the right approach for the U.S. to take in protecting its environment?


Wind bibliography .

What long-term impact will the Trump Administration policies have on our nation’s environment?


Should the U.S. increase offshore oil drilling?


Is the Trump Administration right to pursue a rollback of offshore oil drilling regulations?


What steps should the United States take to improve the safety of America’s drinking water supply?


Should the U.S. federal government put a stop to oil and gas development on public lands?

Round #2 – Asia: China, Japan, India and Pakistan

Is China’s economy on the path towards prosperity or collapse?

Will China’s “One Belt One Road” succeed or fail to achieve its objectives?

What impact will U.S. trade tariffs on Chinese goods have on the future of China’s economy?

Should Japan forge a new trade deal with the United States?

Has the time come for Japan to amend its constitution and reestablish its military?


Are India and Pakistan on the path towards war?


Does solar power offer India a clean and stable energy source for the future?

Will Prime Minister Imran Khan keep his promise of justice and accountability for Pakistan?

What impact will an IMF financial aid package have for the future of Pakistan?

Round #3 – U.S. Politics: President Trump, Congress, and 2020 Election

Should the U.S. House of Representatives pursue impeachment proceedings against President Trump?


Which candidate for president gives the Democratic Party the best chance of winning in 2020?

What steps should the U.S. take to protect its elections from outside interference?


What legislative priorities should Congress pursue during the remainder of President Trump’s current term?

Will the Democrat’s succeed in gaining control of the U.S. Senate in 2020?

What steps should the Democrat’s take to improve voter turnout in 2020?

Should Mitt Romney oppose Donald Trump for the 2020 Republican presidential nomination?

Has Nancy Pelosi succeeded or failed as Speaker of the House?

Should the Department of Justice hand over the unredacted Mueller report to Congress?

Will President Trump succeed in winning a second term in 2020?

Round #4 – Europe and Russia

What will be the long-term impact of the yellow jacket protests on France?

Should the European Union establish a joint military?

What will be the long-term impacts of Brexit on the United Kingdom?

Will Brexit lead to more countries withdrawing from the European Union?

Who should replace Angela Merkel as Germany’s next Chancellor?

Does Russia pose a significant threat to the peace and stability of Europe?

What impact will Putin’s attempts to ring-off its internet from the rest of the world have on the civil liberties of Russians?

Will the Minsk agreements lead to peace between Russia and Ukraine?

Should the international community do more to hold Russia accountable for its election interference activities?

What steps should Russia take to improve its economy?

Round #5 – U.S. Policy Issues: Healthcare, Immigration and Education

Should the United States pursue “Medicare for All” as a solution for what ails its healthcare system?

What impact is the Trump Administration’s crackdown on immigration having on the United States?

Will a new comprehensive border wall solve America’s immigration problem?


What steps should the U.S. take to reform its immigration system?

What steps should the U.S. take to control the rising costs of pharmaceuticals?

Should the United States treat healthcare as a right?

Is the U.S. federal government doing enough to support education in America?

Is school choice the right policy for the United States to pursue in its efforts to improve education?

Has the time come to shutdown the U.S. Department of Education?

. Should the U.S. federal government pursue a policy that cancels all student loan debt?

Final Round – U.S. Foreign Policy

Should the U.S. government continue to support Juan Guaido’s leadership in Venezuela?

Will increased U.S. sanctions on Iran lead to a more peaceful Middle East?


Will the collapse of the INF treaty lead to a new arms race between the U.S. and Russia?


Should the United States pursue another summit between President Trump and Kim Jong Un of North Korea?


Should the U.S. stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia?

Since this was both a February 2019 Public Forum case and a current policy debate case, we have a lot of resources on this topic

Videos: Saudi Arabia Arms sales arguments

Essays: Pro  Con

Daily Update  Bibliography
Comprehensive Evidence Files  Camp Files

Has the trade war with China harmed U.S. international leadership?

Will the new trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada be an improvement over NAFTA?

Have the actions of President Trump improved or harmed overall U.S. foreign policy

What does the future hold for American foreign policy?

. Should the U.S. continue to support Taiwan?