Extemp Foreign Policy (May 2019)

Iran Iran is scaring its friends, too (2019) Who wins when Iran-US tensions rise? China (5-17-19) What’s Trump’s Iran plan? Nobody knows (5-16-19) Trump’s counter-Iran moves are provocative, but they are not war (5-17-19) America must not stumble into a third Gulf war (5-15-19) How Donald Trump may push America into war with Iran (5-15-19) Is Bolton’s war with Iran really becoming a hot one? (5-14-19) Bolton in Wonderland (5-14-19)

Should Kavanaugh be confirmed to the Supreme Court?

No Why everyone should opposes Kavanaugh’s confirmation  Kavanaugh is no threat to established precedent Get ready for the nightmare scenario of Trump, Mueller, Kavanaugh Yes I’m a liberal feminist and I support Kavanaugh’s confirmation Kavanaugh could help restore the power of Congress  Claims that Kavanaugh will destroy Obamacare are ridiculous

Should internet giants ban Infowars (and similar companies/individuals)?

Background Apple banned Infowars, and then the dominoes started to fall Apple, Facebook’s and YouTube’s ban on Alex Jones Right ramps up battle with Facebook General Alex Jones got no-platformed Leave the capital gains tax alone    To untangle relations, Trump must note history      Democrats seize on cherry picked claim that that Medicare for all would save $2 trillion   Trump trade war masks a deeper challenge from


Should the capital gains tax be reduced?

Background Capital gains tax breaks on capital gains issues Yes Washington needs to end the hidden inflation in the capital gains tax  The Tax Act’s unfinished business  The new tax cut plan would boost small business It’s time to look at the taxation of capital gains The capital gains tax should be reduced, not increased  Entrepeneurship, capital gains, and taxation  No Leaving the capital gains tax alone? Congress should not


Should 3-D Guns Sales Be Permitted?

Background The battle for 3d printed guns  The 3D gun controversy: Everything you need to know  All your questions about 3D guns answered Meet the crypto anarchist behind 3D guns The 3D gun fight is about free speech No Counterterrorism chief calls threat posed by 3D guns truly unbelievable Yes Panic over 3D guns misdirected 3D printed guns won’t destroy society Downloadable guns and other 3D printing threats  To B


January 8, 2018 Extemp Questions

Domestic Should the decision to reverse the Temporary Protected Status of Salvadorans and other similarly situated immigrants be revoked? Should the US return to the moon and/or colonize other planets? Will the rise of artificial intelligence undermine democracy? Should marijuana be legal? Should cryptocurrency be regulated? International Should the US support Iran’s protestors? Is Russian’s meddling a threat to Mexico’s democracy? Will North Korea’s participation in the Olympics reduce tension