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Critical Race Theory in Education

Critical Race Theory in Education

Introduction As schools expand racial equity work, conservatives see a new threat in critical race theory (May 2021) The Controversy Dallas-area critical race theory opponents win big in school board election (2021) Oklahoma House OKs ban on teaching critical race theory (2021) Idaho Bill that Prohibits Teaching CRT in the Classroom (2021) NYC teacher: We’re damaging kids with ‘Critical Race Theory’ (2021) Trump calls critical race theory ‘un-American.’ Let’s review.


Resolved: The internet should be free

Pro Internet access is no longer a luxury Internet access should be a basic human right Internet access should be free Five reasons internet access should be free Con Internet access should be fair — not free — to everyone Internet access should be left to the free market Why we have to pay for the internet

Should the United States Reduce Its International Footprint?

Yes No Three things Joe Biden must do to restore American Foreign Policy (2021) A sustainable vision means active engagement with the world while seeking to avoid any large-scale military deployments. Isolationism and off-shore balancing are not appropriate to a world that is more claustrophobic and interconnected than ever before in history. Every place matters now. An incident in Africa can affect U.S.-China relations. The aim must be to engage diplomatically everywhere while getting


Should Congress pass a new (beyond $900 billion) stimulus ($2000)

Yes $900 billion in caronavirus stimulus won’t save America $2,000 checks are poorly targeted and that’s fine $2,000 checks won’t hurt the economy $2,000 checks could jolt the economy One $2,000 stimulus check won’t cut it There are very real dangers to the US economy of not issuing the $2,000 stimulus checks Is another stimulus check necessary? The data doesn’t lie Return of the phony deficit hawks Don’t Worry About


Should police use of facial recognition be eliminated?

Background What is facial recognition and how do police use it? Tech companies are still helping police scan your face The growing fight over police use of facial recognition Facial recognition technology under spotlight after third arrest 2020 was a pivotal year for use of facial recognition technology Activists turn tables on police by using facial recognition to identify them Pro Facial recognition discriminates against communities of color Facial recognition

August 20 Extemp Questions

Domestic Is the credibility of the 2020 Presidential election at-risk? Should a COVID-19 vaccine be made mandatory? Should the capital gains tax preference be repealed? Should Tik Tok be banned?  Should the payroll tax be cut? Should School Resource Officers be reduced? Should the police be defunded? Foreign Should the US modernize its nuclear arsenal?  Is China a threat?    

Should a COVID-19 vaccine by mandatory?

General COVID-19 vaccines could become mandatory. Here’s how it might work. Fauci: Covid-19 Vaccines Unlikely To Be Mandatory Mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations? Here’s what states and employers can legally require Should a COVID-19 vaccine be compulsory — and what would this mean for anti-vaxxers Yes Defeat COVID-19 by requiring vaccination for all. It’s not un-American, it’s patriotic. Is Mandatory Vaccination Legal in Time of Epidemic? States have authority to fine or

Is the 2020 Presidential election at-risk?

Yes Trump floats idea that fraud could lead to re-do of November election ‘Things could get very ugly’: Experts fear post-election crisis as Trump sets the stage to dispute the results in November Trump’s election meddling is threatening democracy The 10 scariest election scenarios, ranked Trump can’t stop the election but he can threaten democracy  Trump may damage American democracy premanently  When elections lead to violence: It’s happened before —