SATURDAY , JULY 20 , 2019
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    Should reparations be provided to African Americans?

    Vox, June 20, 2019: Recent months have touched off a renewed debate about what exactly is owed to the descendants of enslaved men and women after centuries of bondage and legalized discrimination. On Wednesday morning, that debate entered the halls of Congress as a small panel of academics, activists, and journalists, many of them the descendants of enslaved men and women, testified during a hearing on reparations. The hearing, conducted by the House

    Reparations Bibliography

    Updates Reparations bill gains traction in the House (7-3-19) Reparations are treated as the cure for inequality — they are not (7-3-19) Reparations won’t change the past. What about the future? (7-2-19) Con article Slavery reparations could carry a $17 trillion price tag (19) Total Cost; $51 trillion (19) Reparations are not enough.  Official racism lasted much longer  (6-24-19) Reparations economics 101 (6-23-19) There is no middle ground on reparations (6-18-19)


    Are plastic bans the right way to fight ocean pollution?

    General Marine plastic pollution (2019) A running list of plastic ban on ocean pollution (2019) Ocean plastic pollution (2019) Pro US needs a federal ban on marine plastic pollution (2019) UN calls for ban on plastic bags to save oceans and species (2019) 7 ways to reduce ocean plastic pollution (2019) EU agrees to ban throw away plastics (2019) Bahrain to ban plastic bags, starting in July (2019) Con Trudea’s


    Should all buildings be required to be outfitted with solar panels?

    Background California becomes first state to require solar panels on new homes (2019) Solar required in all new commercial buildings in Mass town (2019) New York passes a law requiring green roofs (2019) Mayers in 19 cities require buildings to be net zero by 2030 (2019) More cities now require solar panels for new buildings (2019) Pro Texas could increase solar power 10X by requiring builders to put solar panels


    Should government subsidize car companies that produce electric vehicles?

    General – Subsidies Electric Vehicles — Tax credits and other incentives (2019) The current state of electric vehicle subsidies (2019) Pro —  Electric Vehicles Good Why electric vehicles? UCS electric vehicles Yes, electric cars will be cheaper (2019) Pro — Government Subsidies Good Do electric vehicles need subsidies? (2018). Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) are an important pathway for decarbonizing transportation and reducing petroleum dependence. Although one barrier to adoption is the higher purchase price, advocates suggest that fueland maintenance savings can make


    Do the benefits of using nuclear power outweigh the risks?

    Basic Background Nuclear energy works by capturing the energy produced by a nuclear reaction to generate heat that then turns turbines that generate electricity. The electricity is then delivered to consumers through the power grid. The nuclear reaction can be produced by nuclear fission, nuclear fusion, or nuclear decay. The Atomic Archive explains that, “When a nucleus fissions, it splits into several smaller fragments. These fragments, or fission products, are