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Should the US institute universal background checks?

Should the US institute universal background checks?

DebateUS! Resources Introductory essays  Video  Bibliography 2019 Bibliography Background/General How the NICS background checks system works (2019) The promise and background of universal background checks (2019) Background checks good Support background checks and extreme risk protection orders (2019) Background checks won’t stop mass shootings. We need them anyway (2019) Universal background checks do not violate the 2A (2019) Background checks fail/Are Bad Background checks don’t work (2019) Against universal background

Is trade protectionism desirable?

Background Douglas Brown & Chad Irwin, September-October, 2018, Trump’s assault on the global trading system. Donald Trump has been true to his word. After excoriating free trade while campaigning for the U.S. presidency, he has made economic nationalism a centerpiece of his agenda in office. His administration has pulled out of some trade deals, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and renegotiated others, including the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

August 15 Questions

Domestic Guns Article: White House eyes September action on gun control. (2019). The White House is in talks with lawmakers from both parties on gun control proposals, hoping for a plan of action before September. Administration officials and senior staffers in both chambers are in early discussions about which bills are likely to see movement, and which ones the White House might support. Trump has publicly praised the idea of

Is white nationalism a threat?

Possible Extemp Questions Is white nationalism a threat? What can the US do to reduce the risks of white nationalism? Should white nationalism be considered terrorism? White nationalism is a threat Trump’s thin skin is hurting US national security (2019).  The president’s aides are reluctant even to broach the dangers of white racist violence and electoral interference with him. Stop me if you’ve heard this one:There’s a dangerous threat to

Gun Control — Should Assault Weapons Be Banned?

Background The US had a ban on assault weapons.  What did it expire? (2019) Yes. Twenty five years ago, when Biden was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Congress passed the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act — commonly called the assault weapons ban. It prohibited the manufacture or sale for civilian use of certain semi-automatic weapons that could be converted to fire automatically. The act also banned

Will the collapse of the INF treaty lead to a new arms race between the U.S. and Russia?

What the INF’s Treaty’s collapse means for nuclear proliferation (2019).  On Friday, the United States is set to withdraw from a Cold War–era agreement, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, that banned Washington and Moscow from using certain types of missiles. The end of the treaty could spark a new nuclear arms race. What’s in the treaty? These weapons systems are considered particularly destabilizing because the missiles can reach their

What steps should the United States take to improve the safety of America’s drinking water supply?

Referene Water Pollution: Everything You Need to Know (2019) Harms Millions of Americans are drinking dangerous water (2019) 11 terrifying things that would be found in drinking water (2019) There is a good chance your drinking water is bad for you (2019) Millions of Americans drink potentially unsafe tap water (2019) Effects of improving water quality on early childhood growth (2019) Why America’s drinking water needs improvement (2019) Is US

Will India and Pakistan go to war?

Background The India-Pakistan conflict General India and Pakistan: Two nations always on the brink of war(2019) 20 years later, India-Pakistan remain tense over Kashmir(2019) Here’s what it’s like on the border between India and Pakistan  (2019) Yes How India plans to win a war against China or Pakistan(2019) Need for Detente: Cyberwarefare in India-Pakistan conflict (2019) No What happened 20 years ago over Kargil and why it’s unlikely to happen

Should the US increase offshore drilling?

Reference What is “offshore”? General Offshore Oil and Gas Explained US offshore drilling remains cut by 58% (July 2019) Trump administration postpones plan to expand offshore oil drilling (2019) Pro Offshore oil drilling crucial for US security Oil, gas development moves from shale to offshore  A new US oil production peek looks imminent  Tremendous room for growth for offshore oil and natural gas  Con Republicans like me are breaking with

Should the US Support the Green New Deal?

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe> Background The Green New Deal, Explained (2019) As we will see, the exact details of the GND remain to be worked out, but the broad thrust is fairly simple. It refers, in the loosest sense, to a massive program of investments in clean-energy jobs and infrastructure, meant to transform not just the energy sector, but the entire economy. It