SATURDAY , JULY 20 , 2019
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    Stefan Bauschard


    Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?

    News AI at the Guardian Background What is AI?  Benefits and risks of artificial intelligence  The Question for AI: History of an idea and achievements  Musk’s billion dollar crusade to stop the AI apocalypse  Artificial intelligence: The next frontier?  The AI Debates: Challenges and Opportunities  Return of the machinery question  AI: Definitions, Trends, and Techniques  AI will drive the insights revolution  Putin says the country that leads AI will rule


    September 5 Extemp Questions

    Domestic Immigration — Resources  –Should Sessions have rescinded DACA? -Generally, should the US increase or decrease immigration? -Does immigration help or hurt the economy? -Does immigration help or hurt the environment? -Should the US accept more refugees into the US? -Should the US accept more high skilled workers? -Is Trump’s travel ban desirable? Is it legal? -Should immigrants already illegally in the country be granted a “path to citizenship” in


    Should Trump Have Ended DACA?

    Background The details of the decision to end DACA and what it means in practice. No Hitting the economy where it hurts Trump just turned DACA into a ticking time bomb  DACA is a crusade to help children Trump’s DACA decision could cost thousands of jobs  Ending DACA would be the President’s most evil act CEOs come out in support of DACA Why ending DACA is unprecedented  The case for


    Speaking and Debating About Tax Cuts

    Trump ran on a platform of tax cuts and was recorded at a private dinner telling the people there that he would lower their taxes. In the US, the percentage of tax the government collects is always a big issue for a couple of reasons — (a) Size of government. Large tax revenues enable the government to provide more social programs, such as Medicare, Social Security, Health care, and many