SATURDAY , JULY 20 , 2019
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    The Gray Zone (Military)

    Related: China Threat  Russia threat  More China *Introduction Military planning and doctrine has traditionally centered on what to do when a country is either at war or not at war.  US military planning seems to continue to embrace this dichotomy, but the United States’ primary adversaries — Russia and China — have embraced a new military doctrine: Conflict in the “gray zone.” The “gray zone” is hard to define, but

    The Korean Crisis

    General Articles A deal could include partial sanctions relief and a freeze (2019). Washington rumor now has it that the Trump administration is considering offering North Korea some temporary sanctions relief for a freeze of its production of nuclear warheads and missiles. The mooted deal would also include the shutdown of North Korea’s best-known nuclear reactor, at Yongbyon. It does not, however, indicate what range missiles would be frozen. The latter matters

    Should the Minimum wage be increased?

    The Hill, July 8, 2019 Democrats and Republicans both seized on a new report Monday from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) laying out the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage to $15. The CBO said that increasing the hourly wage from its current rate of $7.25 to $15 by 2025 could lead to the loss of 1.3 million jobs — giving Republicans their main talking point — while also

    Should Felons be allowed to Vote?

    With the state of Florida being asked to make a tough choice, this is a big item in the news. Check out all of our resources on this debate to prepare to speak about it. Should felons be allowed to vote when they are in prison? Once they are released? Are there any exceptions?

    Should the US take new action to prevent Ebola?

    Ebola America should take the lead in fighting Ebola (2019) Containing Ebola: How to Fight the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak (2019) Ebola in Uganda and the dynamics of a different outbreak (2019) The health risks of cannabis legalization (2019) A Wall Street bailout for student loans/ We already have that (2019) Who owns the most student debt? (2019)

    Is cryptocurrency desirable?

    General What is cryptocurrency and why does it matter? (2019) With Cryptocurrency launch, Facebook sets its path toward becoming an independent nation . (2019) Blockchain node consolidation: Should we be concerned (2019) Cryptocurrency good Facebook’s Libra is part of a welcome trend (2019) Libra may be welcomed in developing countries (2019) Cryptocurrency bad Four reasons to be very cautious about the Libra (2019) We don’t need Zuckbucks