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Should regulation be developed to prevent deep fakes?

Should the US take new action to prevent Ebola?

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Is cryptocurrency desirable?

General What is cryptocurrency and why does it matter? (2019) With Cryptocurrency launch, Facebook sets its path toward becoming an independent nation . (2019) Blockchain node consolidation: Should we be concerned (2019) Will Facebook’s Libra change the way the world banks? (2019). In the end, new financial institutions will likely supplement the existing ones rather than replace them. New systems have to interface with old ones. And there will always

Should reparations be provided to African Americans?

Vox, June 20, 2019: Recent months have touched off a renewed debate about what exactly is owed to the descendants of enslaved men and women after centuries of bondage and legalized discrimination. On Wednesday morning, that debate entered the halls of Congress as a small panel of academics, activists, and journalists, many of them the descendants of enslaved men and women, testified during a hearing on reparations. The hearing, conducted by the House

Reparations Bibliography

Updates Reparations bill gains traction in the House (7-3-19) Reparations are treated as the cure for inequality — they are not (7-3-19) Reparations won’t change the past. What about the future? (7-2-19) Con article Slavery reparations could carry a $17 trillion price tag (19) Total Cost; $51 trillion (19) Reparations are not enough.¬† Official racism lasted much longer ¬†(6-24-19) Reparations economics 101 (6-23-19) There is no middle ground on reparations¬†(6-18-19)


Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?

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