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Should Felons be allowed to Vote?

Should Felons be allowed to Vote?

With the state of Florida being asked to make a tough choice, this is a big item in the news. Check out all of our resources on this debate to prepare to speak about it. Should felons be allowed to vote when they are in prison? Once they are released? Are there any exceptions?

Reparations Bibliography

Updates Reparations bill gains traction in the House (7-3-19) Reparations are treated as the cure for inequality — they are not (7-3-19) Reparations won’t change the past. What about the future? (7-2-19) Con article Slavery reparations could carry a $17 trillion price tag (19) Total Cost; $51 trillion (19) Reparations are not enough.Ā  Official racism lasted much longer Ā (6-24-19) Reparations economics 101 (6-23-19) There is no middle ground on reparationsĀ (6-18-19)


The Huawei Controversy

General Report on the 5G implications of defense networks (2019) Huawei The blacklisting of Huawei could backfire (2019) The Huawei controversy (2019). The Chinese telecommunications company faces accusations from President Donald J. Trump and other leaders that Beijing could use it for cyber espionage. The outcome of the struggle could shape the worldā€™s tech and 5G landscape for years to come. How could this cold war with China tech work

Should Tump Be Impeached?

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Should the SAT score include an adversity score?

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Should abortion be illegal?

General Supreme Court has overruled more than 200 of its own decisions. Her’s what it could mean for Roe (2019) Supreme Court compromise on Indiana abortion law keeps issue off its docket (2019). The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to a compromise on a restrictive Indiana abortion law that keeps the issue off its docket for now. The court said a part of the law dealing with disposal of the ā€œremainsā€