SATURDAY , JULY 20 , 2019
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    How should the US address the Opioid epidemic?

    Background — Websites Trump Commission on Addiction and the Drug Crisis  Background — Articles The Opioid Epidemic, explained America’s Opioid Epidemic: Lessons from Eastern Kentucky Crisis, Need Greater Action Trump Commission Report  Overdose death rates  Harm Reduction Approaches to Incoherent Addiction Policies  No Crisis Opioid addiction report uses panic to justify more federal spending  With opioids, government is the problem, not the solution Solutions? Opioid epidemic calls for rethinking marijuana


    Can Trump Legally Pardon himself?

    General Trump is considering pardoning himself. What do 15 experts say? Trump pushes his “complete” power to pardon Here’s what you need to know about the Presidential power to pardon Can Trump pardon himself? Trump’s essentially unlimited pardon power Can Donald pardon himself? Can Trump pardon himself? Yes Rand Paul: Trump likely has the ability to pardon himself Yes, Trump can legally pardon himself…no, he shouldn’t No Criminal pardon Trump’s


    Should the US have a single payer health care system?

    Health Care Background Introduction to Health Care in the US Related: Millennial Health Care Bibliography Updates Single payer updates Single Payer Background Cities fear Obamacare repeal, warm to single payer Single payer, meet All payer Yes Cities support move to single payer  The conservative case for universal health care Here’s a single payer health care plan that could work Single payer health care better, less expensive  No Why Bernie Sander’s


    Should the electoral college be replaced by the national popular vote?

    The Case Against the Electoral College With Hillary losing the electoral college debate but winning the popular vote, there is a renewed debate on the electoral college. Since this is frequently debated in Congressional Debate and sometimes argued in Extemp, I updated our files a bit and also added to essays that take sides on the debate.  There is also a bibliography to support your own research. The Case for