Speaking about Russia and US-Russian Relations

To prepare for Extemp topics related to Russia, there are a number of topics you need to be familiar with. (1) Will the recent decision by the US to close three additional consulates and annexes spell the further decline of relations?  Russia has deemed it an “unfortunate escalation” and it appears they will retaliate.  The “tit for tat” continues. Read the “diplomatic parity” justification from the State Department. Would it


Should the US abandon the Iran deal?

General Statement on a Comprehensive Iran Policy — August 8 “Reports indicate that President Donald Trump may refuse to certify Iran’s compliance with the JCPOA in October, which could lead to restoring sanctions against Iran that were suspended in 2015 in accordance with the agreement.” Is Trump scheming to kill the Iran deal? Trump’s Iran deal options Trump is determined to blow up the Iran deal Pushing back on Iran


Is ISIS Dying?

General How the navy is waging war on ISIS No How ISIS could regain control of Iraq Yes ISIS’ drone operations provide a lethal threat to America’s forces ISIS is so desperate it is turning to the drug trade Why ISIS’ huge territorial setbacks are devastating