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Nuclear agreement violated. Should the US increase or decrease pressure on Iran

Should the US take new action to prevent Ebola?

Ebola America should take the lead in fighting Ebola (2019) Containing Ebola: How to Fight the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ebola outbreak (2019) Ebola in Uganda and the dynamics of a different outbreak (2019) The health risks of cannabis legalization (2019) A Wall Street bailout for student loans/ We already have that (2019) Who owns the most student debt? (2019)


Should the US reduce its trade pressure on China?

This bibliography will generally help you prepare to speak and debate about issues related to the US-China trade conflict. Specifically, you may want to look for evidence and arguments related to РShould the US continue its trade pressure The US should relax its trade pressure against China A China-US  war could escalate to a military conflict The trade war should be resolved in the following way: [Insert Proposal] Should


US economic and/or military pressure on Iran

  Pressure Bad New US-led patrols in the Persian Gulf raise the stakes with Iran (September 2, 2019). Meanwhile, Iran finds itself backed into a corner and ready for a possible conflict it had 30 years for which to prepare. It stands poised this week to further break the terms of its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, over a year after President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew America from the

Should the US commitment to NATO be reduced?

Updated: August 15, 2019 Yes Trump should have already left NATO (2019) It’s high time for Germany to fund and fix its military (2019). If present trends continue, Germany will remain far below¬†NATO‚Äôs 2 percent defense spending benchmark in 2024, despite a decade of promises by German governments to meet this alliance objective. The little Germany has been willing to spend is simply unsustainable, and neither the Trump administration nor


Is artificial intelligence a threat to humanity?

News AI at the Guardian Background What is AI?¬† Benefits and risks of artificial intelligence¬† The Question for AI: History of an idea and achievements¬† Musk’s billion dollar crusade to stop the AI apocalypse¬† Artificial intelligence: The next frontier?¬† The AI Debates: Challenges and Opportunities¬† Return of the machinery question¬† AI: Definitions, Trends, and Techniques¬† AI will drive the insights revolution¬† Putin says the country that leads AI will rule


Speaking about Russia and US-Russian Relations

To prepare for Extemp topics related to Russia, there are a number of topics you need to be familiar with. (1) Will the recent decision by the US to close three additional consulates and annexes spell the further decline of relations? ¬†Russia has deemed it an “unfortunate escalation” and it appears they will retaliate. ¬†The “tit for tat” continues. Read the “diplomatic parity” justification from the State Department. Would it