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August 20 Extemp Questions

August 20 Extemp Questions

Domestic Is the credibility of the 2020 Presidential election at-risk? Should a COVID-19 vaccine be made mandatory? Should the capital gains tax preference be repealed? Should Tik Tok be banned?¬† Should the payroll tax be cut? Should School Resource Officers be reduced? Should the police be defunded? Foreign Should the US modernize its nuclear arsenal?¬† Is China a threat?    

August 15 Questions

Domestic Guns Article: White House eyes September action on gun control. (2019). The White House is in talks with lawmakers from both parties on gun control proposals, hoping for a plan of action before September. Administration officials and senior staffers in both chambers are in early discussions about which bills are likely to see movement, and which ones the White House might support. Trump has publicly praised the idea of

Middle School TOC Questions

Renewable energy Has the time come for the United States to abandon fossil fuels as a primary source of electricity production? Problems with the status quo Climate change resources  Oil dependence resources Should the United States increase its use of nuclear power? Resources  What steps should the U.S. pursue in its efforts to combat climate change? Nuclear Power bibliography  Wind bibliography Are renewable energy sources the best way to ensure

August 1 Questions

Domestic Should the federal government have reinstate the death penalty?  Resources Is the death penalty constitutional? Does the death penalty constitute cruel and unusual punishment? Are innocent people put to death? Is the death penalty racist? Is the death penalty cost effective? Is the death penalty a good use of court resources? Does the death penalty undermine US global leadership? Should a border wall be funded? Resources Will the border

July 15 Questions

Are plastic bans the right way to fight ocean pollution? Should all buildings be required to be outfitted with solar panels? Should government subsidize car companies that produce electric vehicles? Is the world experiencing an extinction crisis Do the benefits of using nuclear power outweigh the risks? Is wind power a reliable solution to reducing reliance on fossil fuels? Is clearing forests for agricultural use worth the costs to wildlife

May 15 Extemp Questions

Foreign Should the US create a Space Force? Is Russia a threat to the US? Should the US reduce trade sanctions on Cuba? Should facial recognition in public be banned? Is social media a threat to democracy? Domestic Should artificial intelligence be regulated? Should the capital gains tax be abolished? Should the US institute a flat tax? Should the electoral college be abolished? Should vaccination be mandatory?  

May 1, 2019 Extemp Questions

Domestic Should the US put a price cap on pharmaceuticals? Should the US increase the cap on the number of refugees it accepts? Should the US significantly increase its infrastructure spending? Foreign Should the US modernize its nuclear arsenal? Should the US deploy THAAD in South Korea?


September 5 Extemp Questions

Domestic Immigration — Resources¬† –Should Sessions have rescinded DACA? -Generally, should the US increase or decrease immigration? -Does immigration help or hurt the economy? -Does immigration help or hurt the environment? -Should the US accept more refugees into the US? -Should the US accept more high skilled workers? -Is Trump’s travel ban desirable? Is it legal? -Should immigrants already illegally in the country be granted a “path to citizenship” in